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Bird Shooting

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These are fairly specialized hunts and are often only available at short notice when looking for waterfowl. There are a number of species available to shoot and they include the goose species (Spurwing and Egyptian), a number of duck species and numerous doves and pigeons. The very best time to shoot pigeons and doves is immediately after the crops are harvested and usually around April, May and June.

This is high volume shooting and many of our hunters will testify that you need a very tough shoulder for it. On average you will be able to shoot around 3 to 6 cases of shells a day if you want to. Prime species are the very large Speckled (Rock) pigeon which is bigger that a Feral and also Red-Eyed doves, Turtle doves and Laughing doves.

Geese are decoyed into corn or sunflower fields and shot from pit blinds. It is common to take 10 to 30 in a morning. Ducks are hunted along flight paths or from blinds near feeding areas.

Some of the finest wingshooting is to climb into the rugged mountains and follow well-schooled English and German pointers after the highly sought after Grey-wing Francolin. These pointers are also used to point and flush Guinea fowl when the cover is right. These birds can also be hunted by being driven towards the waiting guns.

Note that you may not use any semi-automatic shotguns and it is easier to purchase your ammunition over here as you may only bring a maximum of 100 rounds with you. For those not wanting to bring their own guns, I have 4 x 12gg and 4 x 20gg shotguns available for the hunters use.


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