Weapon Options

These are the types of weapons you will need for your hunt. All our hunting packages can be custom created to ensure you have the African experience you desire while in South Africa. 

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Rifle Hunts

This is by far the most popular method of take in South Africa and we conduct rifle hunts across the country. Most hunters on their first trip to our country will opt for a plainsgame hunt and will usually try to take 5 to 7 trophies during the 7 to 10 day hunt. For most plainsgame we recommend rifles in 270, 7mm or 30 calibers. Any cartridge that you are comfortable using on bigger deer and elk will work great over here. A good bullet is essential and for a number of years we have been using Nosler Accubonds with great success. They are extremely accurate and very reliable in all game. Should you be considering a Buffalo or other dangerous game species, then you are required to bring a 375 or larger caliber rifle.

Note that you may bring two guns but they may not be the same caliber. We recommend bringing at least 40 rounds of ammo per gun and these need to be locked in a separate case. We have a shooting range with shooting bags and targets at each hunting lodge and will check all the rifles before we commence hunting. A riflescope of around 3 to 9 magnification will be good for all applications over here.

Hunts are conducted mostly by the spot and stalk method, but these can be adapted to the individual hunter and his ability to ensure that they have the greatest possible experience and will return to us for their next hunt.

Note that I have the following rifles available should you wish to travel without a gun case and not have the hassles of gun permits etc at the airports.

  • 2 x 243
  • 2 x 308
  • 3 x 30-06
  • 2 x 300 Win Mag
  • 1 x 338 Win Mag
  • 1 x 375 H&H
  • 1 x 416 Rem Mag

All of the above are quality rifles with Leupold glass and reloaded with Nosler bullets.


Bow Hunts

Bowhunting is becoming a much bigger part of the hunting industry than before and we are growing with the industry. Our bow hunts are conducted mostly out of very comfortable ground blinds, tree stands or by walk and stalk. Currently we are using two areas that are for archery only and a number of others that are archery only for the first part of the season and then mixed. 

All South African huntable species are available to the bowhunter and we are experienced in taking all game with the bow. There is no specific law regarding energy or poundage of bows but it is recommended that you should have at least a 60-pound bow and shoot the heaviest arrows that you can with a quality broadhead. We have been using the Rage range of broadheads and they are superb on all non-dangerous species. Dangerous, thick-skinned game is going to need specialist two blade cut-on-impact broadheads and high poundage bows with heavy arrows to get the Kinetic Energy up and ensure penetration.

There are bow butts at the lodges to check bows and it is recommended that you bring at least 12 arrows and 24 broadheads as well as a few practice points.


Handgun Hunts

Handguns are legal in South Africa for hunting and a number of hunters are now bringing them over. They are suitable for all game species and suitable calibers and good quality bullets are recommended. The 375 is minimum for Buffalo. 

Note that handguns are illegal in Namibia and cannot be taken into the country. A good quality scope is highly recommended, as some of the shots will be fairly long.


Permits and Licenses

Please feel free to download any of the forms you may need below.

Alternatively we advise that you contact the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) who can apply for all permits/licenses on your behalf to save you time and frustration. 

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