About Us

Since 1994, Russ Field and his team has been offering world class hunting opportunities to the discerning hunters of the world. 

Russ Field Safaris started out life as Fieldsports Southern Africa then what most of you know it as, Russ Field Safaris and now trading as South African Hunting. The company has always owned the rights to SouthAfricanHunting.com and used it in their communication for the past 12 years and very excited about upgrading not only the company image but the entire customer experience from the Website to the your Safari.

To those of you that have hunted with my company in the past, it only gets better, and to those that are looking at a hunt anywhere in South Africa – you need to chat to me before you finalize anything.

Russ Field, the owner, is a qualified Wildlife Biologist with a degree from the prestigious University of Stellenbosch and specialized in Wildlife Management. He has been hunting for 35 years and all his hunting areas and concessions are personally overseen and maintained on a strictly 'Sustainable Use’ basis.

Together with Russ are a really great team comprising some of the best Professional Hunters in the game, superb skinners and trackers as well as your own personal cooks. The professional hunters are highly experienced in hunting with rifle, bow and handgun as well as dog handling and bird shooting.

Trophies are taken care of in a well-designed and maintained facility and are collected by the taxidermist within a week of the completion of your hunt. We are also going to be offering more touring options as well as short add-on tours to those that want to extend their stay by a few days.